Summit Lake

Once the “million-dollar playground,” Summit Lake Park is reimagined as a platform for activities such as bicycle and canoe share, community gardens and cultural programming to attract area residents and trail users from throughout the region. These investments shift perceptions about and increase the use of the lake while improving ecological conditions, all of which generate new value for the area.

Currently, we’ve launched several programs in the Summit Lake neighborhood on top of the Park’s physical upgrades. Working with our Civic Commons partners, Summit Metro Parks, we’ve opened a pop-up Nature Center in the REACH Center that not only educates people on local wildlife, but also hosts Zumba, Yoga, art, and Reggae classes. Our SWAG partners, have started the Leaven Lenses Project which educates local students on how to use DSLRs, editing, and storytelling through photography. We’re working with local arts and culture magazine, The Devil Strip, to work with students and young adults on storytelling through writing. And finally, through upgrades of the Summit Lake Community Center’s kitchen, we’ve increased the types of programs able to use the space and expanded Let’s Grow Akron’s canning and nutrition classes to the area.


Summit Lake Assessment