Park East

Strategically located along the Towpath Trail between downtown and Summit Lake, Park East is a neighborhood with a diversity of residents including renters, homeowners and senior citizens. Through wayfinding, programming and investments in infrastructure, Park East will become a welcoming local gathering spot and an integral connection between Summit Lake and downtown.


Park East from Thornton Bridge.
Photo by Katelyn Freil


Although we haven’t made any physical improvements to this area yet, we have begun bringing in programming with the hope of bridging the gap between the diverse residents. Over the summer, we worked with local partner, Alpha Phi Alpha Homes, to bring concerts to the area. Through canvassing, community meetings, and more, we hope to focus more in Park East in the future.


Y.E.P.A.W. concert in Park East.
Photo by Allyson Boyd


By testing ideas through creative prototyping, Akron is seizing the opportunity to dream big and listen to the community. These projects offer a new model for community engagement, honoring all through the co-creation of a civic commons that brings citizens together as part of their daily lives.