Lock Party: Augmented Reality

Lock Party: Lock 2 Augmented Reality Open House

Wednesday, May 8
4-6 PM

Lock 2 Park
Located along the Towpath Trail between Canal Park, Akronc Children's Hospital, and Richard Howe House


Experience canal history with a modern approach! Akron Civic Commons and Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition have partnered with virtual and augmented reality company New Territory to bring new life to the canal boat frame in Lock 2. Scan the boat image with your phone through the NT One app and see the frame fill in on your screen with a canal boat replica and facts about the vessel.

The open house will include food, live music, and demonstrations with the New Territory team. See the replica for yourself!

Learn more about New Territory by reading, "Exploring ‘New Territory’: Where Technology & History Converge."

To download the NT One app and prepare yourself for the experience, vist Google Play of the Apple Store on your phone or tablet.